Monday, May 24, 2010

Obligatory LOST Finale Post

I've loved LOST for years, though I didn't watch the first two seasons. In fact, I never would have watched LOST except that the group of friends that had wine and Project Runway parties ran out of Project Runway. And then what were we going to watch?? Could we just have cheese and wine? No, we needed a new show to bond over, so someone chose LOST, which they had watched and loved. I had two weeks to catch up. After renting the first episodes from Netflix I became addicted, scoured every Blockbuster in the city for the DVDs, and holed up for about a week, coming out only to work. It's pathetic, but I completely understand how those people get on Intervention. I probably needed one.

Fast-forward to the finale last night, which I thought was heart-breaking and left me speechless, though I have to admit there wasn't an easy answer or a mega-happy ending. I've never thought I'd love a television show or connect emotionally with the characters. I'm a book girl. But I love the mystery, the relationships and family, and of course, the sexy men. And I am definitely bummed out that there is no more.

To cheer up my fellow Losties out, I found this today. LOST: Re-enacted by cats in one minute.
This really says everything that needs to be said.

Thanks for all the good memories!


  1. Oh how the crazy Lost fans bewilder me. I HAD to stop watching after about season 2 when it became painfully clear that the writers were trying to dupe us all. And the background suspense music just KILLS me. Im a hater.

  2. Lost is completely addicting and I absolutely LOVED the finale. So sad but definitely well done!