Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jaunt to San Francisco - In Photos

Last weekend we drove up to San Francisco for my sister's college graduation. This was my first time up, so naturally, I was a total tourist.

We started off at Haight Ashbury, which I had built up in my mind to be exactly how it was in the 60's with naked hippies and guitars and flowers. Well, there were lots of guitars, sex stores, and smoke shops. I was pretty let down.

 Jen's graduation: 4 hours of talk and no names called.

Jen, Dad and me at Calzone's in Little Italy (BOY is it hard to eat good Italian food when you're not eating wheat!)

Candy store and I found a bear. Dressed as a bee. This could not be more perfect.

Walking Pier 39. We're not crabby, we're not! Stomp Stomp...

An Asian Michael Jackson mime.

I think we had the most fun at the penny arcade. Here I am on a foot relaxer, which was supposed to improve my circulation and rest my tired toes. I think it just vibrated me.

Hanging out with a skeleton at the wharf.

It was great to see family and get to finally see the city. I think it was the final nail in my dreams to ever live in a big city. I think I would have had a blast there in college, but it was so busy, full of people, and houses on top of each other. I don't want to be able to reach over and touch my neighbor's house. So I'm content to be home, where people mosey along a little more, I'm 5 minutes from the beach, and I can't see my neighbor's computer screen.  I kinda like San Diego.


  1. What fun pictures!!! I have never been to San Fran. I think I am missing out!

  2. This was my first time too - we had a great time!

  3. I've been to San Fran a couple times and absolutely LOVE it. Glad you had a fantastic time!