Sunday, March 21, 2010

Of Updates and Jumpsuits

Most important things first: I bought a jumpsuit.

After years of the back and forth of "can I look half as cool as Cher?" I bit the bullet and jumped on the bandwagon. I'm not sure how the bandwagon feels yet because yes, the jumpsuit does feel like I slipped into some cozy, yet stylish sweats, but the jury is out on the actual fit of it.

Thanks to my supportive husband who didn't even blink when I asked, "Honey, I'm about to do something kinda crazy at 10 at night and I might need you to take a photo."

I'm going to start going back to the office twice a week for half days. I've had to work from home since January, but the combination of stir-craziness, missing my work buddies and not wearing clothes that match is overpowering my doctor's recommendation to continue only working from home. I've been going in once a week the past 3 weeks for a few hours and come home completely exhausted, but I'm hoping that I'll get some stamina back and be able to act like a human for 4 hours.

I really want to write something about the healthcare reform, but I think everything that has ever needed to be said has been said. With that, I'll just add that I'm extremely excited for Rush Limbaugh's move to Costa Rica. Bon Voyage!

I have a crush. A crush on dresses with pockets. Because let's face it, sometimes I have no idea what to do with my hands, and sometimes my hands may or may not want to inappropriately want to poke someone in the eye. So what better way to deter my behavior than spending money on pocketed dresses that will keep me in check? I have my eye on these guys from Banana Republic:

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather here! Even the grasshoppers agree.

(Look, my skin looks like diamonds in the sun, just like in Twilight! Maybe I need to invest in some self-tanner.)


  1. You are so cute! Where did you get that jumpsuit? I love it and you look adorable in it! I have so many dresses with pockets and I LOVE them!!!!!!

    Ha ha my nephew was in a talent show this weekend and these two girls did an AMAZING dance to that song. I have not seen Six Feet Under and I probably never will, but I cannot ruin my perfect vision of Michael C. Hall as Dexter. Yep, I have issues.

  2. fun that your'e going back into the office!
    and *I* love your new app seriously makes photos SO cool! i am tres jealous!
    your jumpsuit seems too fun...i'm obsessed with rompers but can't bring myself to buy one without trying it on...a little worried about the wedgei factor!
    finally, I LOVE POCKETS TOO!!! they are so cute and fun (not that i intend to put anything in them but my hands lol) and i think they realllly add something to dresses!

  3. I love the jumpsuit! You look fabulous in it! I also love your glasses!
    I saw that beaded v-neck dress from BR and liked it too!
    What app are you using for your pictures because they look so cool?

  4. Juliana - The jumpsuit is from Forever 21 - It was super inexpensive so I didn't feel too bad making the leap.

    Alanna and Tickled Pink - The app is called Hipstamatic - I've had so much fun using it on my iPhone! It comes with 3 different lenses and a bunch of different films, flashes and filters. You can also buy additional lenses for $1.00.

  5. Yay work! I will keep thinking good thoughts for you this week :)

    And I think you are rocking the jumpsuit! I'm pretty sure if anyone can pull it off, it's you!

    And lastly, my husband and I just cracked up out loud over your Rush joke. Too funny! And obvs we couldn't agree more!

  6. Love the jumpsuit. Looks great on you!
    I wonder if Ann Coulter will follow Rush???

  7. Katie!!!! I miss you! I just found your blog from my friend Jewels' blog (Juliana). She is my sorority sister from CO. What a small world huh!?!? Well, your blog is super cute and I will be following it. Hope all is well!


  8. those pocket dresses are really adorable AND I'm kinda feeling the jumpsuit!