Saturday, January 16, 2010

Warm Wedding Wear

My very dear friends (BecomingMrs.Ford) are getting married in Palm Springs this March. Mr. Bee has already had his outfit picked out for a year. He was determined to wear a seersucker suit, and darned if he isn't.

I on the other hand, have no clue what I'm going to wear. My issue is that I have awful heat intolerance, so I'll need to wear something very lightweight and breezy without looking like a tramp, and then be able to pair it with something at night so I don't freeze.

Palm Springs

I was thinking about wearing the Lily Pulitzer Sandpiper dress, but I think it might be a bit too casual.

Fortunately I still have a bit of time before finding something to wear. Any suggestions are appreciated (especially with all the sales going on!).


  1. A) I <3 you
    B) OMG outlets. I couldn't stop shopping today at Neiman's, Saks, BCBG and J. Crew. TBPS (to be posted soon!)
    C) Alice & Olivia and Trina Turk are both very Palm Springs, and both have really cute dresses that I think you would heart.
    D) Lily is always fab and so are you.
    E) Here's hoping it isn't TOO hot because this bride started sweating just zipping her dress up at the fitting :D
    F) Can't wait to see Mr. Bee in his Daper Dan outfit!


  2. PS: You might like this site:

  3. i love that dress so much it's almost not healthy. and could you pair it with tights? or just have a few glasses of vino so you don't FEEL a chill??

  4. I love this dress! I love peacocks! Too casual for a wedding in Palm Springs though. Good luck finding something!!