Saturday, January 16, 2010

Comfy Day Uniform

When I'm not feeling well or I'm running out the door and am just active enough to throw on clothes and not just a jump suit, I throw on my "uniform". Clothes that feel comfortable enough to ALMOST be pajamas, but passable to be around in public.

Today is the first day in a week that I actually put on clothes. Not just yoga pants and a top and Ugg boots, but real clothes. It was an accomplishment, even if no one saw.

Anyway, here's my favorite comfy day uniform.


1. Gatorade
2. Hudson Wide Leg Jeans (most comfortable jeans of all time)
3. Black razor back tank top
4. Jersey Cardigan
5. Tory Burch Revas
6. JCrew Squirrel Bracelet
7. York Peppermint Patties (If I'm not feeling good this will always cheer me up!)
8. Glasses (my must-have item)


  1. I have that bracelet. I love it! But, always a little afraid it is going to fall off!

  2. LOVE that yorks are part of your uniform =)

  3. What a cute outfit! That looks very similar to what I am going to be lounging around in today.

  4. This has been my daily uniform for about the past 3 weeks during bar review.. sometimes I substitute leggings for the jeans..... by the end of bar review I'll probably never want to wear dress clothing again!

  5. I love this outfit. The bracelet is especially adorable.

  6. I think this is a very good uniform, and it is so amazing to see this just to be at work, I think is very clever and comfortable from you to wear this,