Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Home is not a Divine Design

Guilty pleasure: HGTV's Divine Design. Candice Olsen does an amazing job of transforming rooms that usually look pretty ordinary into extraordinary works of interior design art.

These aren't the best pictures, but I promise her designs don't disappoint.

There is a point to this post, and the point is - where do you hide all of your crap? Sure, your furniture may be poilshed and antique, and you may have expensive fabrics on your bed and sofa, but these photos are missing...things. For instance, my husband has clothes he has no room for, we have extra pillows and general knicknacks all over the place. When I look at people's bedrooms in blogs I wonder where the heck they hide all of it. Is it in the closet? Under the bed? Beats me. How do you keep your counters free from clutter? These are the answers to life that I'm looking for.

So I charge you, wonderful readers, with telling me how the heck to get organized and free of clutter that my cats and dog will sleep on, cover in hair, and cause me to re-wash a thousand times over. I want to start with my bedroom and bathroom, and then move onto my office and kitchen (which has absolutely no storage or cabinet space). I know that people in NY survive in small spaces with no storage space, and I want to know your secrets. I realize that I will probably never have a home featured in Country Living, but I'd at least like a home that I don't have to have professionally cleaned every time I have guests coming down (which happens to be Monday - eek!!!).

Country Living Inspirations

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  1. ikea has some amazingly spacious armoires and buffets for storing china, linens, books, sweaters, etc leaving your cupboards for unsightly but absolutely necessary items like small appliances, etc.
    we have both mine and Josh's studio in our 1 bedroom apt. sometimes rethinking space and furniture is helpful. I store my grandmothers china in the same dresser as joshs smaller sound gear (mics, etc)and our table linens.
    if your closet shelving is deep enough so that there is extra room at th e front consider pulling the towels etc forward and storing extra paper towels/toilet paper there. alwys take it out of the packaging. it makes it so bulky.
    i hope this helps.

  2. I put stuff that we don't use daily or weekly in large storage bins and stack them in closets and the garage. I also use under bed storage containers on rollers for clothes that are out of season. I'm also rather OCD and don't like having a lot of stuff around, I'm like an anti-hoarder. I give lots of stuff to Good Will about once every 6 months. HTH!

  3. LOVE Candance Olsen. I wish she'd come redecorate my house! I always wonder the same thing about those houses and just have to believe they're staged for pictures. When the camera is gone I bet you'll find magazines on the coffee table, a cell phone on the bedside table and remote control on the couch.

  4. Thank you for the suggestions! I need to do some donating over the holiday break.

    For The Love - So right!! I wish they'd do follow-up shows 6 months later, with socks shoved in the couch cushions. Not that I have ever found that at my own house...