Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mr. Bee Graduates Law School

Mr. Bee graduated from law school on Monday!! I'm so extremely proud of my husband - graduating cum laude from law school in 2 1/2 years - he doesn't cease to amaze me. He's already busy studying for the bar, so I'll probably have a bit more free time to write for the next two months, but I wanted to share (again) how amazing he is and how happy I was to share the day with him and our families.

P.S. Thank you to Miss MCW for helping me with the photo editing software - you're a god-send!

We're totally dorky. Now to keep prepping for the holidays - gift wrapping is almost done and ready to head up to my parents house tomorrow afternoon. Wish we could spend more time with our families, but he has bar class right Christmas so we'll be back home so he can study. No NYE plans as of yet, but I have a feeling we'll be keeping it low-key this year. Merry Christmas if I don't have time to hop on here before the holiday!


  1. Congratulations to both of you on Mr. Bee's graduation, what an excellent almost-Christmas event! Hopefully you two will have a chance to revel in the accomplishment just a little, and relax over the holidays!

    Sending you a smile,

  2. Inasmuch as I have acquired a Juris Doctor, I should prefer to henceforth be known as Dr. Bee.

  3. Thanks TP!!

    Dr. Bee - You will always be Mr. Bee to me. And maybe someday soon Mr. Bee, Esq. But you will not be Dr. Bee until you can re-attach a dismembered arm.