Thursday, December 3, 2009

Handmade Dress - For Moi?

My amazingly beautiful and talented MaryBeth is making me my very own dress. I am so darn excited!

MaryBeth and I met through my husband and bonded at a party over our love of shoes. She's amazingly loyal, a snazzy dresser and is overall an A+ friend!

Anyway, she's been blogging her dress journeys on her blog I've Got You Covered. Love having good news in life.

Also loving this site, especially their posts on red hair. You can search by hair color and come up with some great hairspiration. God knows I need it. And what am I doing with my hair tomorrow you may ask? I have no clue.

Still dealing with not being well. If it's not one thing it's another. At least I still kind of have a sense of humor about it, but seriously, c'mon! I'm still catching up on work and praying that I'm doing well with everything. I'm fortunate enough to love my job, but my illness has really kicked me on my butt and I worry that I'm not doing as well as I'd like to be. Not that I'm not busy, but you know. I'm a worrier. Some people think it's really attractive, I think. On unexplored planets. At least dogs love you unconditionally.

And so do Ugg boots. I don't care how ugly they are, my frigid feet are warm!! Take that!


  1. haha exactly what I said this morning as I wore my uggs to work. My new boots killed me feet yesterday, so today is definitely an uggs day. Like walking on a fluffy cloud :D

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Being sick sucks!!

  2. i may be more excited to see you in it than you are to get it!!