Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beauty Products of Yore

Sad things about growing older: The loss of youth, skin elasticity and the demise of your favorite beauty products. This is a tribute to some of my most favorite friends from the past.

Silking Smooth Therapy Serum

My favorite hair serum ever. I've made this baby last for two years, and I will be lost in life when it's gone. I've tried Redken Hair Glass and Garnier Hair Serum, but nothing makes my hair look and feel as amazing. They actually had a whole line of shampoo and other hair products that I heard were wonderful, but apparently the distributers disagreed.

Almay Amazing Lasting Foundation

I discovered this foundation in college and boy does it live up to it's name: It's amazing, and it lasts. It's been a long, uphill battle to find a good foundation that matches my fair skin and stays on my face, and this puppy does/did. I've since replaced with Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, but this will always have a very special place in my heart.

Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolce Apple Torte Lotion

This souffle lotion came out several years ago and is one of my favorite scents. It's great for dry skin and the smell is unlike anything else I've been able to find. I've looked for it on eBay and it usually re-sells for around $50!!! The sad thing is it's pretty much worth it.

Bath and Body Works Fei Banana Lotion

This is a summer favorite of mine from another discontinued line from Bath and Body works.  It reminds me of being in the Caribbean, pina coladas, beaches and that candy that has all the different types of fruit (with the apples and grapes and bananas whose name escapes me and won't come up in Google!). It's killing me. But it smells like a good version of whatever that is.

Maybelline Expert Eyes in Gray Suede

I literally wore this as my light eye shadow color every day in college. It's a pearlescent color that looks as good during the day as it does with a smokey eye at night. I've tried MAC's Crystal Avalanche which is similar, but nowhere near as good.

I found this article a while back in iVillage about finding the closest match to your favorite discontinued products:,,8z32jl4x-p,00.html

Unfortunately, although some of them are close, none of them are as good as the real thing. You'd think getting older and being able to afford makeup that doesn't all come from the drug store would be more eye-opening, and instead it just makes me yearn for the days of my $5 eye shadows.

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