Monday, November 9, 2009

Girls With Glasses

Once upon a time I was a 7-year-old girl with a Dorothy Hamill haircut and rainbow glasses.

Dorothy Hamill - not me.

Flash-forward 5 years and I started wearing contacts. Boy did I love contacts. Peripheral vision, different colors, no chance of your vision fogging getting out of the shower - contacts were the bomb. Ok, then flash-forward (unless you're getting dizzy) 10 more years, when I stopped being able to wear contacts. Woe is me! No peripheral vision? No ability to have purple eyes for a day?

Note: I never did this, but I could have.

Over-use and crappy eyes led me back to wear I started - glassesville. Fortunately glasses are somewhat cooler than when I first started wearing them, to the point that some people actually like to wear fake glasses with plastic lenses when they don't need to. I don't get this trend, but it somehow makes me seem like a trendsetter and I'm ok with that.

Because I'm stuck as an eternal four-eyes, I've decided I'm allowed to have tons of fun glasses to choose from. My glasses collection is still growing, and for some reason still isn't as ego-boosting as waking up in the morning, putting contacts in, and forgetting you're blind as a bat, but I'm working on it.

Need help finding fabulous frames for yourself? Try Frame Finder - a website that will match you with your perfect specs.

Check out to see a whole website of girls...who wear glasses.

When I think of preppy girls with glasses, I always think of Nelly Yuki from Gossip Girl. Where is she this season when I needed a glasses pick me up?

Courtesy of Eye Heart Glasses

Especially love this photo I found when I googled Nelly Yuki.

I've found a ton of my frames at LensCrafters and smaller boutiques, but one of my favorite places to find glasses is at Costco. The Costco near me has a great optical section with frames and lenses probably more than 75% off store prices. I've bought a complete pair of frames and lenses there for $80, which in glasses talk is dirt cheap.

The newest edition to my glasses family are my Ralph Lauren Polo glasses I snagged a week ago. They're comically large, and I like to think they make me look smarter.

Before giving a workshop. Don't I look smarter?

And then there's these gems.

Which are also comically-large, and make me comical. Or maybe alcohol does.

After writing this, I apologize profusely to my future children, who I'm sure that with my and Mr. Bee's genetics combined will arrive in this world with the vision of a naked mole rat. And hopefully by then glasses are even more cool.

(Note: I would LOVE to get LASIK surgery, but at this time I'm not a good candidate for it. I'd also need someone to pay for it for me. Should I put up one of those paypal donation buttons on my sidebar? Just kidding).


  1. How come you cannot wear contacts? That is my worst NIGHTMARE!
    And I am not a candidate for Lasik pupils are to large or something :(

  2. i love in the land of the contacts...but i'll always be a glasses girl at heart!!!

  3. I am in need of big fun glasses like these!