Monday, November 30, 2009

26 Things

I'm sleepy and cheating on blog writing, so instead I copied and pasted my "25 things + 1 about me" from Facebook. This was written a few months ago and some of them might already be known by you blog followers (like the red hair thing...). I did celebrate Thanksgiving and I'll even tell you about it as soon as I get more energized.

1. Sometimes I kiss my dog before I kiss my husband when I get home

2. I was on the game show "Wild Animal Games" on the Family Channel, and Ryan Seacrest was the host

3. My true passions in life are music and correcting people's typos

4. I buy Disney movies for $1 at the Salvation Army so my best friends and I can watch them at our sleepover parties

5. My uncle was a professional wrestler

6. I am always sick or recently injured

7. I haven't eaten steak since I was 13

8. I had a crush on Kurt Rambis from the Lakers when I was little

9. I will watch any medical shows about mystery diseases, dwarves, and super morbidly obese people (Can you believe that doctors really use that term?!)

10. I wear glasses because I have to, not because I think I look cool

11. I really wish I had gone to library school

12. My first job was at the batting cages so I could hang out with hot baseball players

13.I could live off of brown rice

14. I'm really ridiculously good at parallel parking

15. I was propositioned at 15 by the fat Pete from the TV show The Adventures of Pete & Pete

16. I would like to eventually run an animal rescue

17. I can read 800 pages in 3 hours and I hate it.

18. I've been randomly assaulted and battered twice at different fast food restaurants

19. I used to play the organ and had one in my bedroom in high school

20.I had a bodyguard in high school

21. I'm afraid of open water because I almost drowned and had to be rescued by a lifeguard ship while I was on a date

22. I'm really amazing at making eggs, pasta, and slow-cooker recipes, but that's about it.

23. A boy took me to the Taco Bell drive-thru as a post-prom date because he missed our dinner reservation

24. I used to hang out in the Lakers media room with my sister and make prank phone calls to people with funny last names

25. I have no idea how to clean my oven

..I'm adding 26. I am legitimately allergic to exercise, and have only met one other person in the world who is too.


  1. Wow. A bodyguard in high school? Was that because of the assault in the fast food joints???

  2. i too am a fast reader....the hubs makes fun of me ALL. THE. TIME.

    and the fat pete thing?? you may be my new hero.

  3. 5 and 15 are hilarious- you need to do a full post on number 15 for us!