Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Think Pink Rant

I know people who have lost friends and family to breast cancer and think that it's heartbreaking. I also have amazing friends who are selfless enough to help the fight against breast cancer and have or are participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in San Diego. Anyone who has the willpower to walk for 3 days has my complete respect. I know people who have walked while in remission from cancer and people who walk with injuries. I know that this may get me a ton of flack, but I think having to raise $2300 is a complete joke. Showing support by banding together and raising awareness, especially over a 3-day period is triumph enough in my book. I know that the money raised goes to support the foundation, which in turn raises funds to find a cure for breast cancer. What I don't agree with is the hundreds of people who are told they are not allowed to walk because they are short $100. The people who sit on the sidelines holding up signs with the amount they still need to raise and actively want to participate sincerely breaks my heart. I think that I would rather help on the sidelines or give directly to the foundation or another organization that helps in the fight against cancer rather than knowing that people who are short money that have trained for many months and spent their time fundraising will not be able to participate because of a lack of money, and not a lack of caring. Here is another post about it from LoriSalt, a 2-time survivor of breast cancer.

Maybe I've given this too much thought, but I have so many friends getting down to the wire who are still actively trying to raise money, and it makes me so mad that despite best intentions they might not be able to participate. If you've done the walk before or even volunteer for the foundation I'd love to know your thoughts and see if I've missed the point. I'm participating in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk this month, and although it's on such a smaller scale I like the fact that there is no set donation in order to walk for awareness. Maybe being sick has made put me in a not-so-chipper mood.

Sorry for my lack of posting. Between still being sick, catching up on work and taking over the chapter I advise as the main advisor while our fabulous chapter advisor is out on maternity leave in addition to helping out with the alumnae Panhellenic and the alumnae chapter has been overwhelming. If anything, this experience is helping me learn my limits and boundaries, and making me treasure my little family even more. Coming home to my husband and furry kids at the end of the day is the most thrilling thing I look forward to, even if I'm too tired to properly express it.

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