Monday, October 19, 2009

Sephora Picks

I literally spend about 15 minutes a day deleting special offers and coupons from my favorite stores. Some of them are not that great (C'mon JCrew - free shipping when you spend over $150 is not my idea of a deal,) and then some of them are too good to pass up (Hellooooo Sephora!).

Makeup can be a weakness of mine, even if I don't always know exactly what I'm doing with it. When you're a girl you deal with all sorts of junk - cramps, childbirth, pain from high heels - the least you deserve is the chance to play with makeup.

Anyway - if I were to go on a super Sephora shopping spree, these would be my top picks. BTW, do you guys remember back in the 80's when Nickelodeon had the Super Toy Run and some lucky kid could run through a store throwing everything they wanted in a basket and get to keep it all? Yeah - I would so love to do that with some of my favorite stores. Maybe by throwing that out there someone will pick up on that promotion....

I would love the Clairsonic. I once got a facial using the Clairsonic and I swear my skin looked great for days. Not only that, it took off makeup that not even makeup remover could use. I'd say it was pretty magical.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer - Keeps your eyeshadow pretty all day, and you don't need to rub anything in and get your fingers all glittery (I have that issue with the MAC Paint Pot I sometimes use as primer)

Makeup Forever Primer - This is my most favoritest primer ever. I've used Smashbox and MAC, and I absolutely love this. You can even put it on without makeup and it makes your skin look amazing. I use the blue color (it doesn't make me look Smurf-like)

Bliss "Youth as We Know It" skincare line - The moisturizer is my favorite - not too oily but keeps my skin refreshed. The eye lotion feels amazing after a long day. This kit is actually a great deal.

So there you have it - my must-lust list for Sephora. Looking back at it I'm noticing it's mostly skincare products, but I'm one of those people who walks into Sephora and has to see all the makeup in person. And then gets lost there for an hour.


  1. I also get lost for hours in Sephora and find it so fun to just play with everything. I have heard great things from my girlfriend who manages a location about the Clairsonic .... hmmm with this discount, maybe so!

  2. Looks like we use the same products! I thought you might like to know that MAC is coming out with a MAC in Lillyland (Lilly Pulitzer) collection this January! Everytime I read about it I think of you lol
    Here's a link to preview the collection

  3. I need to try that Makeup Forever primer! I love primers but have yet to find my "holy grail", if you know what I mean.

    I also need a Clairsonic, oh yes oh yes oh yes. Great picks!

  4. I was feeling lost in the endlessness of the Sephora website and I saw the Makeup Forever primer and now... I need it!

    Holy crap I cannot spend $200 on makeup - even if I am getting a discount. I just can't do it!

    Crap, I'm going to end up broke!

  5. Haha, I just imagined myself doing the super toy run in Nordstrom. Madness!!