Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red Dress Gala - What to Wear-A

Sorry, I just couldn't find anything that rhymed with gala.

Anywho - this weekend is USD's Red Dress Gala. It's an annual sorority fundraiser that I was invited to forever ago and neglected to find a dress for. One of my friends from work let me borrow a dress, and I have one other dress that I haven't worn that's an option.

Without giving it away - here's my two options. Sorry about the photo quality, my husband's been doing the late-night law school thing and I'm relying on my computer.

Numero Uno:

Numero Dos:

What do you think? I even have matching red glasses (hey, when you are forced to wear glasses all the time you might as well have them in every color).

Best part of all besides raising money for a great cause and getting to dress up - the guest of honor is...FLORENCE HENDERSON! Yes, Mrs. Brady herself will be there in all of her Mrs. Brady glory. In all my gala-going history, this is probably the best guest of honor I've heard of.


  1. Both look great, but if I had to choose, I'd go with number 2- I love strapless dresses!

  2. I love number 1 - the neckline is gorgeous!

  3. I like number 2 but both look great on you, so either choice will be fine. Have fun!

  4. I like dress number two! I agree about having lots of glasses choices hehe.

    Totally jealous that you are going to meet Florence Henderson.

  5. yay! costume twin! haha! what blog was it that you saw that posted? i am drawing a blank!

    ps, dress #2! love it!

  6. My vote is for dress number 2. It's sassy!

  7. You look amazing in both...but, like #2 a tiny bit more!