Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Paper Anniversary!

I hope the next anniversary isn't rock. Or scissors - probably even more dangerous!

In a little over a week Mr. Bee and I will officially be married a whole year. In reality we've been together for over 5 years, living in sin for 3, and loving every moment of it. I came across my old wedding journal (online of course!) and found our how we met and our about us that I wanted to share. 

Warning: You think it's going to be classy and wonderful, but it's not. Well, wonderful, just not classy. I hope you keep reading, it gets better.


I'm not going to beat around the bush. Steve and I met after I hit him up on MySpace. I thought he was cute, he wanted me to listen to his super hip band, and after exchanging several letters filled with witty banter it was decided he would come over armed with tequila to watch Family Guy box-sets and beat my pinata. He came over drenched in tequila-I was wearing a black party dress. In the midst of our inappropriate attire, we decided to go to the store to buy more, and my car ran out of gas. Steve saves the day! We pick up said tequila and saunter back to my house, where we proceed to beat the pinata and chase tequila with the limes in my backyard (that a few months later bloomed into oranges). I knew he was a keeper. 


I was on MySpace to promote my band. When I received a message from a very cute girl. She said I was cute and I tried to trick her into going to see my band at shows. After a few messages back and forth we decided to meet up for a Mexican style fiesta complete with tequila and pinata. I hopped in a cab and made my way over to her house. As I stepped out of the cab I misjudged the distance to the curb, falling face-first on the pavement, smashing the entire tequila over my chest. With no tequila, no car, and no glasses, I trudged up to her house.

A gorgeous woman met me at the door and had the good graces to laugh off my bedraggled appearance and recommend that we go to the store to get more tequila. When we got into her car, the engine wouldn't start. I called AAA, and a tow truck came to fix this problem. To this day, I believe that nothing happened to her car, and she was just helping me save some face. After the car was fixed, we headed to the store for tequila and Mexican candy made out of sugar and lead. We returned to her house, beat the pinata, had some drinks, and in general had the best night I had had up to that point in my life. Somehow, I managed to trick her into letting me stay and I just kind of never left.

Our engagement:

Steve and I had gone to Disneyland on Halloween and since I'm obsessed and I've never seen the Christmas decorations we decided to go back in December.

So we get some hot cocoa and see a worker taking pics in front of the castle so he says, "Hey, let's get our picture taken!" And since I am corny I say yes.  So we put down our things and get our pictures taken

One of my old friends went to Disneyland a few years ago with a boy she was with and he pretended to propose to her so they could shock everyone and get a rad picture, seen below:

So Steve says, "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we took that picture that Reifman took?" I thought that was the best thing ever, so he starts positioning me to look surprised, and then he said, ok, so she was there, and Tyler was like this on his knee, ok, look surprised-so I did my best surprised look and then he said, No, but for real. Then he took out the box with the ring inside and they snapped the picture which looks like this:

And the rest is history! I love him more than Chipotle. This is saying a lot. We've already been through a lot in our relationship, but there's no one I'd rather whine about being poor with. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red Dress Gala - What to Wear-A

Sorry, I just couldn't find anything that rhymed with gala.

Anywho - this weekend is USD's Red Dress Gala. It's an annual sorority fundraiser that I was invited to forever ago and neglected to find a dress for. One of my friends from work let me borrow a dress, and I have one other dress that I haven't worn that's an option.

Without giving it away - here's my two options. Sorry about the photo quality, my husband's been doing the late-night law school thing and I'm relying on my computer.

Numero Uno:

Numero Dos:

What do you think? I even have matching red glasses (hey, when you are forced to wear glasses all the time you might as well have them in every color).

Best part of all besides raising money for a great cause and getting to dress up - the guest of honor is...FLORENCE HENDERSON! Yes, Mrs. Brady herself will be there in all of her Mrs. Brady glory. In all my gala-going history, this is probably the best guest of honor I've heard of.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sephora Picks

I literally spend about 15 minutes a day deleting special offers and coupons from my favorite stores. Some of them are not that great (C'mon JCrew - free shipping when you spend over $150 is not my idea of a deal,) and then some of them are too good to pass up (Hellooooo Sephora!).

Makeup can be a weakness of mine, even if I don't always know exactly what I'm doing with it. When you're a girl you deal with all sorts of junk - cramps, childbirth, pain from high heels - the least you deserve is the chance to play with makeup.

Anyway - if I were to go on a super Sephora shopping spree, these would be my top picks. BTW, do you guys remember back in the 80's when Nickelodeon had the Super Toy Run and some lucky kid could run through a store throwing everything they wanted in a basket and get to keep it all? Yeah - I would so love to do that with some of my favorite stores. Maybe by throwing that out there someone will pick up on that promotion....

I would love the Clairsonic. I once got a facial using the Clairsonic and I swear my skin looked great for days. Not only that, it took off makeup that not even makeup remover could use. I'd say it was pretty magical.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer - Keeps your eyeshadow pretty all day, and you don't need to rub anything in and get your fingers all glittery (I have that issue with the MAC Paint Pot I sometimes use as primer)

Makeup Forever Primer - This is my most favoritest primer ever. I've used Smashbox and MAC, and I absolutely love this. You can even put it on without makeup and it makes your skin look amazing. I use the blue color (it doesn't make me look Smurf-like)

Bliss "Youth as We Know It" skincare line - The moisturizer is my favorite - not too oily but keeps my skin refreshed. The eye lotion feels amazing after a long day. This kit is actually a great deal.

So there you have it - my must-lust list for Sephora. Looking back at it I'm noticing it's mostly skincare products, but I'm one of those people who walks into Sephora and has to see all the makeup in person. And then gets lost there for an hour.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am an awful animal mother

Finally found my camera cord and hooked it up to the laptop - let the photo dump ensue!

Ellie had a number of outfits last year - this was just one of them

Olivia didn't have an outfit, so Ellie let her share:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Think Pink Rant

I know people who have lost friends and family to breast cancer and think that it's heartbreaking. I also have amazing friends who are selfless enough to help the fight against breast cancer and have or are participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in San Diego. Anyone who has the willpower to walk for 3 days has my complete respect. I know people who have walked while in remission from cancer and people who walk with injuries. I know that this may get me a ton of flack, but I think having to raise $2300 is a complete joke. Showing support by banding together and raising awareness, especially over a 3-day period is triumph enough in my book. I know that the money raised goes to support the foundation, which in turn raises funds to find a cure for breast cancer. What I don't agree with is the hundreds of people who are told they are not allowed to walk because they are short $100. The people who sit on the sidelines holding up signs with the amount they still need to raise and actively want to participate sincerely breaks my heart. I think that I would rather help on the sidelines or give directly to the foundation or another organization that helps in the fight against cancer rather than knowing that people who are short money that have trained for many months and spent their time fundraising will not be able to participate because of a lack of money, and not a lack of caring. Here is another post about it from LoriSalt, a 2-time survivor of breast cancer.

Maybe I've given this too much thought, but I have so many friends getting down to the wire who are still actively trying to raise money, and it makes me so mad that despite best intentions they might not be able to participate. If you've done the walk before or even volunteer for the foundation I'd love to know your thoughts and see if I've missed the point. I'm participating in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk this month, and although it's on such a smaller scale I like the fact that there is no set donation in order to walk for awareness. Maybe being sick has made put me in a not-so-chipper mood.

Sorry for my lack of posting. Between still being sick, catching up on work and taking over the chapter I advise as the main advisor while our fabulous chapter advisor is out on maternity leave in addition to helping out with the alumnae Panhellenic and the alumnae chapter has been overwhelming. If anything, this experience is helping me learn my limits and boundaries, and making me treasure my little family even more. Coming home to my husband and furry kids at the end of the day is the most thrilling thing I look forward to, even if I'm too tired to properly express it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy October! Finally!!

I've been home sick all week, which has led to endless boredom. I've been too tired to do most anything, so I've been splitting the time between checking my work emails, painting my nails, and watching awful TV and Coraline. Oh, and drinking plenty of fluids (including Pedialyte, which is disgusting but apparently works wonders for dehydration. And hangovers).

Here are some of the fun things I've been messing with during my week of sickness:

Nailpolish - Two faves for fall.

Bogota Blackberry (looks great with 2-3 coats)

I'm Not Really a Waitress (My most FAV red nailpolish color!!)


Trader Joes Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix.

For some reason there is NO pumpkin puree anywhere, and there is a Pumpkin Sage Cornbread recipe from the last Martha Stewart Living I'm dying to make. How is it that it just doesn't exist in San Diego??

French Onion Soup.

I've been making it in my slow cooker and it turns out amazing, which always surprises me since I'm not a Top Chef. I get most of my crockpot recipes from this website:

Awful TVness

My sister told me about, where you can watch all of the latest shows, which beats watching things like "Street Court" and millions of re-runs of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. It also has a lot of the movies not out on DVD yet, though some of them are such bad quality you can tell that someone who downed a lot of caffeine was sitting there holding his video camera trying to keep his hand steady.


Finally took down my Halloween decoration box and started putting up my wreath and pumpkin candles and all of my other favorite decorations! Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. I saw these pumpkins in Country Living and I can't wait to try to make one! There's a ton of great pumpkin recipes in there too if you want to try your hand at them.


I booked my flight this week for my trip to Chicago from October 16-18th for my Chapter Advisor Training weekend! I've never been to Chicago but I'm praying for some pretty fall foliage! Not sure what my schedule will be like, but if anyone has any suggestions of what to see I'd love to know! I'm deathly afraid of flying so flying by myself is not really something I'm looking forward to, but I am looking forward to pulling out my sweaters and being in some cool weather.

Sorry my weekly re-cap wasn't super interesting, just happy that I'm starting to feel a bit better and not taking 3 naps a day! Happy October!!