Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too Sleepy For Subjects

Sorry I've been a bad blogger - I've spent the last few days in and out of the doctor's office/hospital and it hasn't been fun. I've been too tired to read or write and have been laying on my couch completely worthless trying to concentrate on bad TV. If anyone has any bad TV recommendations I'm all ears!! Luckily there is a Rachel Zoe marathon, so I have at least a few hours taken care of.

Anyway, this has given me time to think about my Halloween costume, and I think I'm leaning towards being...a bee! I know, surprise surprise. I've found a ton of costumes but I really don't want to be typical scandalous slutty bee like every other girl in San Diego. I love the bee costumes they have for kids with the full tutus, so I'm seeing if I can either make something or have something made on etsy. Here are some that I have for inspiration:

My other option is to give in to San Diego's usual slutty attire and become...slutty Chewbacca. Yes, Chewbacca in some type of bikini or vinyl dress or stripperwear. I think it could be my best costume ever.

Anyway, just wasting my days away on my couch, wishing I was feeling better and helping my advisees with rush this weekend. :( If anyone has any suggestions for how to keep sane while not able to do anything I'm all ears!