Friday, September 18, 2009

Keep Bugging Me!

In real life, I am quite afraid of creepy crawlies. In fact, that's why I'm married (kidding honey). But in fashion life (?) I adore them. Actually, if they weren't so creepy and crawly and stingy and were more cute and cuddly I would adore little pet bumblebees. So scientist friends, hop to on those mutant cuddlebees!

I absolutely love this website design for Apple & Bee - an eco-friendly handbag, makeup bag and baby bag site. They support the bee foundation, which makes bees cheer for joy! And what's cuter than a cheering bee? Nothing, I assure you.

One of the only buggies on my Do Not Fear list is the ladybug. Red and black, cute little wings and kind of cuddly. And they help roses thrive! What better way to celebrate these cuddly little winged friends than show your support via fashion? Here are a few favs.


  1. The morning my grandmother died I found a ladybug on my nightstand and then one landed on me at her funeral. The have a special meaning to me know...I just love that brooch.

  2. These are all so fantastic! I'm the same way about bugs too...I freak out haha

  3. They have a special meaning to me know...I just love that brooch.
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