Sunday, September 13, 2009

KatherineBee vs. The Mall

September for me means the coming of pumpkin candles, questionably warm weather, my birthday, and almost all of my best friends' birthdays all in a row. I mustered the strength to hit up the mall today and see if I had the willpower to not purchase anything for myself. I ended up not purchasing anything!! A small victory for my willpower and a loss for finding anything for my friends. I did however find a million things I loved at Anthropologie (big surprise) - and 2 of them happened to have a dog-print pattern. I didn't expect that turning 26 would mean turning into a crazy old dog lady.

Cavorting Canines Dress

Scottie Romper

I don't know if I have the courage to actually wear a romper, but it was super cute. Even if means that I am showing the world my love for dogs via fashion.

I actually found the strength to go into Charlotte Russe (which I haven't been in forever because almost everything in there I can find at Forever 21 at a better price) and their fall clothes were super cute - but everything I tried on was lacking in some way.

Tweed dress

Itchy and tight in the wrong places. A bit too short for work.

Itchy!!! Too tight in the chest in the medium, too large everywhere else in the large.

Boucle Jacket

Itchy and too stiff.

So fortunately in this instance - no winners. Off to watch the True Blood finale - hopefully it's as good as I hope it will be!


  1. I LOVE that romper!!!! I've always wanted to wear one too, but I've been so hesitant!

  2. That romper is adorable! I wish I could pull them off but sadly I can't :(

  3. The first dress is REALLY cute!

  4. I have a tweed dress that looks just like that from Ann Taylor last year!

  5. I went back in to try it on and it was sold out! Apparently some people are brave enough to wear rompers! :)