Friday, September 4, 2009

College Football Season!

This weekend kicks off college football - hurray! And am I heading off to my alma mater to cheer on  my local team? No way!
Ok, it's not that I don't love SDSU, but the football there is a joke. When I went to school there we were the SDSU Aztecs with Monty Montezuma fighting for our team in the stands, blowing his conch shell triumphantly. After a few years there and many verbal battles over the depiction of an "Aztec," our mascot when from Monty:
Ok, not bad...

to this:
I'm sorry, but that just looks like a man in panties and a chicken hat.

I understand the need to be culturally aware, but personally I felt like this was a joke. If you're going to change the mascot and the image of the school, why not just make it some type of animal so no feelings get hurt. You could even make it some not as cool football animal, like a meerkat or a herring and I'd be ok with it. Seriously!

Besides that, they're not really fun to watch. During college I'd be there for the tailgate and maybe 1/3 of the game and head home. There was no school spirit, and it was just pretty devastating to watch your college team get pounded brutally game after game.
Anyway, when I was younger I used to go to my uncle's football games all the time when he played for the Georgia Bulldogs. I had Georgia Bulldog everything (even the cheerleading outfit) and had a great time cheering for them and feeding Uga (III?) sugar cubes. So in the spirit of cheering on a team I actually feel a connection with, my college team is the Georgia Bulldogs.
There's my little man!

Did I go to college there? No. Do I wish I had? You bet your Aunt Fanny. So maybe I'm a bit of a cheater, but I'm a bulldog lover. Do any of you cheer for a college team you didn't go to? Make me feel better about being a complete traitor.


  1. As a former Aztec, I couldn’t agree more. I like the Florida Gators; plus, Tim Tebow is a hottie.

    P.s. My friends call me Fanny. Maybe one day when they have kids I can be Aunt Fanny.

    Your secret admirer

  2. Hey Secret Admirer - I'm glad we're on the same page. And why did they change "Monty's" to "Lou's"?? Going to a bar called Lou's just makes me feel wrong.