Thursday, August 6, 2009

R.I.P. Lappy

I took my laptop in the other week to have my internal charging adapter fixed. Somewhere between then and now I got back a computer that was making a whole lot of racket, was missing a piece, and today, died. Literally died.

I've written the company and started dealing with that, but my husband has asked me to start looking at other computers. Even though it's too soon since Lappy passed over into that great Motherboard in the sky, I found some nice Dell laptops that you can customize. Even though I'm still very much in mourning, laptops with polka dots kind of make me happy. Can you really frown at a polka dot?

Or these birds?
Ok, what is up with this bear??
At least I'd never confuse my computer with anyone!
Maybe I'll just save up for a Mac. Arghh, so frustrating.


  1. I LOVE my Mac! I was a PC user my whole life until last Fall. My computer was dying and I got a great deal on my Macbook Pro. It was right after the new ones came out. I LOVED the older ones to the new one. =)

  2. I love my MAC!! It's a powerbook G4 and I refuse to trade it for a newer mac. I'm just crossing my fingers that it gets me through the rest of college :)

  3. I am a PC even though it is not cool, I HATE their commercials because they are terribly inaccurate.