Friday, August 14, 2009

Mad About Plaid

I was poking around the internet the other day and found the cutest bulletin boards that were decorated with plaid fabric! It totally took me back to my sorority days of making boards for my littles (that never turned out cute - sorry littles!!) and nixing the whole fabric idea at the end in place of painting the whole board.
Regardless, the other day I found an article about making plaid boards that I can't find now for the life of me, but did find this picture online:

I think these are so cute with the little ribbon push-pin details! And with recruitment around the corner they'd be great for house tour decorations.
I can't remember if I announced on here yet but I have big news..I'm getting a Mac! Yep, I'm switching over from my dearly departed 5-year-old Dell Inspiron to a MacBook Pro. I'm actually pretty excited, but totally scared about spending so much money on a computer.
While I was online searching in vain for the bulletin board article I saw this in a collage:
Look how cute that computer cover is! Does anyone know how to have this done? I could even match my letters sweatshirt:
Kind of hard to see, but most definitely plaid.
I'm heading up to LA to see my in-laws for the 3rd annual chilli cookoff. Not making anything this year, but should be a good time. Be back on Sunday!


  1. What great cute!

  2. Hey there! Looks like we are swap partners for PSP's college football swap! My email's on my profile... can you send me your shipping info? Looking forward to it! :-)

    And Go Dawgs!

  3. I've been looking everywhere for the MacBook cover and my husband found it online this morning!

  4. Love that macbook cover! So adorable. I want one!