Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mad About Mad Men Dresses

I love 1950's style, and the few episodes of Mad Men that I've seen I've loved classy feel of all of the outfits worn on the show. I'm so happy the show is out on box set so I can catch up on it before the new season starts on August 16th.

Banana Republic has come out with Mad Men-inspired apparrel for men and women, and it's a huge hit. I loved walking into the store with their custom vintage looking displays in the windows and tried on every dress that was still in stock that represented that era.  Seriously shopping-spree worthy, plus they're perfect for work or to dress up for a date or a night on the town. Classy never goes out of style. Here are a few of the listings in the style guide you can pick up in the stores through next week, and some of the iconic dresses (I hear they're quickly running out of stock, so if you're interested I'd head to BR asap!)

In addition, they're also hosting a contest where you can win a walk-on role on Mad Men by submitting a photo of yourself in your finest 1950's attire and also win a $1000 BR gift card! Can't beat that! If I had just won the darn lotto last night I would be all over these dresses.

Has anyone bought one yet? Do you love it?

Speaking of 1950's style, Anthropologie has a ton of their amazing aprons on sale in store only for $19.99!

How cute is this (disclaimer: Not on sale. Don't get mad when you become obsessed and it's $32)

Doesn't it make you want to bake things and try not to eat them?


  1. I am SO in love with this show.

  2. I have tried on the gray and black hounds-tooth looking dress you have posted. I really liked it...couldn't decide what I thought about the fabric. I may go back and try again...

  3. Dude, Joan just keeps getting bustier and bustier as the seasons progress (it's like an optical illusion!) and Don's "faces" get way more and more face-y. You'll see what I mean, I swear.

  4. PS: Have you seen this post:

    It's a very Mad Men-esque e-photo session! Niiiiice

  5. ok, Im an idiot, I meant:

    Sorry for the 30million comments :)

  6. Must have that apron. Tres adorable!