Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey Carrot Top

Long story short, my hair got ruined this weekend. RUINED. I've spent one day in complete isolation (I swear I'm only slightly vain) and the rest answering to every red-headed girl name ever thought of at work.

I went in asking for my hair to look like this:

And instead it looks like this:

So today I've been:
1. Mary Jane from Spiderman
2. Joan from Mad Men
3. Jessica Rabbit
4. Ariel the Little Mermaid
5. Just plain Kirsten Dunst
At least I haven't gotten Little Orphan Annie or Anne of Green Gables. I must just not have an Anne kind of look. I'm hoping to make an appointment with a different hair person tomorrow or Wednesday to go darker and cover up the mess. I've officially dubbed this "Hair Disaster 2009," and may make myself a shirt if I make it through in one piece.


  1. Great choice asking for Jessica's the vamps color. I love her...Your hair looks very healthy and shiny! I am sure it will be perfect when you are finished :)

  2. The great thing about red hair dye is that it's the fastest one to wash out and fade. Either try dying your hair something else, which won't end up the color you're hoping for because of your new red base but it may be something you like better than this... or keep this and let it get duller in the next few weeks.

    Personally, I like that color. I think you could really rock it out in the face of all who tease you.

  3. Awww, I am sorry you are suffering a hairtastrophy. :( Here's hoping you can see a stylist soon!

  4. Don't forget Coraline!

  5. Let's be honest, you are still one spicy lady!!! Still cute, even though you're bummed about your hair! Hope tomorrow's appt goes well!!! <3

  6. Oh that is not fun. I'm sure it will be fixed soon xoxo

  7. Aww, hope it gets fixed soon to the way you want it to look. There's nothing worse than a horrible haircut/color experience!

  8. Too funny... is that the chick from True Blood?

    I'm your partner for PSP's football swap - drop me an email and we can exchange contact info!

    bufordbetty @ rocketmail dot com

    Looking forward to it!