Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dress Your iPhone in Plaid and Argyle

Sorry for my lack of posting - I am still without a laptop and have had a sorority-related meeting every night of the week. All I want to do is curl up with my new Charlaine Harris book and fall asleep on the couch!

I'm learning that becoming an Apple advocate is expensive! I've been researching the new iPhone 3Gs to use as a social media device for work and realizing how pricey it is to have that cute little Apple logo on the back of my phone. I think my biggest issue besides the price is the lack of the push-down keys like my Blackberry has. I have acrylic nails (not dragon lady-type nails) and the iPhone I tested in the store presented a challenge. Oh vanity.

I did find out that the iPod Touch that comes with my new Mac (that I still don't have because I'm waiting for the darn finance card), and would be great for social media, except for the fact that it doesn't have a camera, which is vital in my position. The video doesn't hurt either.

And then there's always the issue of what your new phone should wear.

When they have Lilly Pulitzer covers I'll be set.
Sorry for all of the tech-y posts, I promise I only occasionally nerd out.  :)
Also so excited for the premiere of Project Runway tonight! Oh Tim Gunn, how I've missed you.  I would love if he and Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear would be my children's godparents. I would have the best dressed children of all time. Make it work!


  1. Just read your comment on The Company She Keeps and I was an Alpha Phi too! So funny...

  2. SO CUTE! I wanted one of the bejweled ones....have you seen them? But they r wayyy to pricey for me! These are adoreable anddd affordable!