Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You've Got Mail!

You've Got Mail has got to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, cute outfits, bookstores, New York, dogs and email.

This post could easily turn into my love letter to the movie, but instead it's about the abundance of cuteness in my mailbox today. The wonderful MyLavaliere from Etsy was so nice and sent me the umbrella necklace that I love!! I seriously want everything from her shop - sorry if this blog is just about my etsy obsession! But just look how cute everything is, including the box it came in.

I could imagine buying just this box for a gift.

Look how cute this necklace is! I hope it brings rain!

Even Allistaire loves it!

I also got the onesie from Etsy that I ordered for my friend's baby shower next week. Secretly, I want to keep it. Ok, it's not so secret. I love it, it's so little, and I wish it was mine, and that I wouldn't be a crazy, baby-obsessed woman if I kept it. Hopefully work friend doesn't read the blog, but just in case, here's part of your present:

How cute is this??!

I got it from Fen and Liv on etsy, and she makes clothes in all sorts of baby sizes along with all sorts of other cute baby things like this:

Playtime cookies

Of course, I was really really hoping my Tory Burch shoes would be here today too, but I can wait another day and not die. I think. I've never been excited about flats before - I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting old.
**Update - ok MrsFord, you caught me, The other onesie (ok, there's 2, they're for twins) hidden in my closet. Ellie loves it too - I love that you can see both of our toes in the picture.



  1. first of all: i think every time i see you you mention the movie you've got mail and every time it cracks me up that you love it so mucho. second of all: could you please write an ode to you've got mail? it would kill me. third of all: admit you bought 2 baby onesies and have one stashed somewhere at home.

  2. You're partially right - I have two matching bear suit onesies for my friend having twins hidden in my closet that I told Steve I can't part with. There will be an ode to You've Got Mail, mark my words!

  3. I recently found your adorable blog, and I just love those Etsy finds!

  4. Great blog :) I LOVE You've Got Mail. It's my go-to movie on those rainy days or when I'm not feeling well and just want to snuggle in bed with a good movie.

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say hello!


  5. I had it on my DVR forever and when we had to get a new one I lost it! Which means I actually need to go buy it. We should watch after our Friday festivities!