Thursday, July 9, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

It's finally starting to heat up in San Diego (ugh) which means I'll be in dresses until late September to battle the hot temps. And what better way to console myself than to go on eBay and look at all of the awesome Lilly dresses at great prices? I found my one dress recently at Loehmann's and nothing has really caught my eye since then. I ended up getting both of these online at really great prices and I can't wait to get them in the mail! Online shopping feels like your birthday sometimes.

Lilly Pulitzer Florida Shift Gingham

Lilly Pulitzer White Caroline Dress

My week has been pretty busy and my grandma's been in the hospital, but fortunately gets to come home on Friday, so retail therapy has been much needed. I noticed that when I stress out I either stress clean, re-organize, or re-decorate. This week I took it out on my work cubicle and re-wallpapered it. Pictures coming. My boss referred to it as "the grandma cubicle". I think it looks a lot spring-ier, but I agree that I could totally see it on my grandma's wall.


  1. ok girl.....
    I am so glad you added your blog address on your gmail status update. It's just oh so cute and fun to read.

  2. I hope your Grandma is ok!

    LOVE that white dress! And lol about the Grandma wall paper. I have never seen people wallpaper their cubicles, they would have never let me do that at my old job!

  3. Thanks! She's doing a lot better. No one's asked me to take it down so I guess it's ok? I'll have to take a photo of it just in case I have to remove it - I personally love it, but realize I'm the only person in the office with a wallpapered cubicle.