Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tips on Keeping Cool - Written by the Fur Kids

How my poor furry kids are beating the summer heat - their stories:

Allistaire - "I take long baths in the sink without water!"

Eleanor -
"I bury my head under the covers and sleep upside-down while taking up the whole bed!"

Allistaire - " I just really, really like the sink."


Olivia Kitty, as usual, is MIA. I for one am living off of pitchers of Crystal Light lemonade/iced tea, and reading books about places that sound colder than where I live. I just finished The Memory of Water by Karen White. I am an avid reader and sometimes I like casual books that go by quickly during hot, summer days. I have to say that this book was a long read despite the fact that the style of writing was easy. The imagery of sailing, shores and crabbing was very vivid, and the characters were mostly developed. I was able to guess the end about 1/3 of the way through. It was a Border's recommended book, but I wouldn't recommend for most people.

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What are some summer reading books you're keeping cool with this summer?


  1. KatherineBee,
    Reading your blog makes me smile. Keep writting and I'll keep reading! I would like to see a receipe section!

  2. ohhh that little one is so cute! great pictures!