Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York, New York

One of my favorite places to shop is New York and Company. I discovered them after graduating college when I learned that I actually had to buy adult-type work clothes (you mean no more Juicy jumpsuits??) to wear to the office. NY&CO has amazing sales all the time and give away coupons like it's going out of style. The other day I was in there I was able to get a great work dress for $11 and a shirt for $10, plus I had two 30% off coupons.
I admit it's a little hit or miss sometimes, but these are some of the upcoming fall things I spotted on their website that are adorable. The store is a bit better stocked and I swear the 60% off rack covers half of the store.

I especially love all of the cute ruffle and flower outfits. They have a ton of individual flower brooches you can buy for $4 that correspond with cardigans and shirts in the store. I bought one the other day and stuck it on my sweater and voila, it was a whole new outfit!

This would be a cute happy hour top.

This dress looks perfect for work and after work too.

The only difficulty for me is that it's made for average body types, and so I sometimes have issues finding the correct fit or size (I've been a 4, 2, and a 0), so it helps to actually go into the store instead of just purchasing off the website. Also, when you purchase something you can get a free reward card where they send you ridiculous prices and you get something like $25 off every $100 purchase in addition. Bargain shopping is pretty amazing.


  1. I never think to look there, but I love everything above. Very cute!

  2. I don't think I would have ever gone there had I not needed office attire, but they have some really cute things there sometimes, and the prices are amazing.

  3. Wait. Are you saying my Juicy Jumpsuit is inappropriate work attire? That so explains the awkward looks I get at the office...

    Also, Jones New York has some very sexy-sophisticate dresses but I have a hard time wearing dresses to work. What's that about? I wish that weren't an issue or I'd wear dresses every day. So much easier than all that matching business.