Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Autumn, Right?

At least every email I've gotten from my favorite clothing stores seem to think so. I can't stand the tease. Fall is my favorite season, and I can't wait until the cardigans and coats that would probably cause death and dehydration (although not in that order) right now can be worn comfortably. I'm horribly jealous of all of my favorite blogger friends who get to enjoy crisp weather and beautiful autumn leaves while I sit here boiling until November and get to pick out my favorite fire season medical mask so I don't perish of smoke inhalation. The joys of southern California.

I recently got the email about the new Lilly Pulitzer fall line and am pretty much obsessed. I love the peacock details that are used in a lot of the items!


Agnes Skirt. Come home to me.

Stephanie Shift

Lisette Skirt

Sandpiper Peacock Dress

The most amazing part is that most of the things listed are less than I usually see them at the store. Like, Anthropologie priced. That doesn't mean inexpensive, but it's better than me justifying a month's car payment for an amazing dress - which I can totally justify, since I will most likely be wearing my clothes longer than I have my car, unless I become terribly large, in which case I will be wearing a burlap sack.

Curious why I'm awake at 2 a.m.? My #1 dog Eleanor has awful allergies and has literally been doing the worm across my floor for the past hour. Plus she has an eye issue that we spent 4 hours at the emergency vet checking out, resulting in a cone of shame and some eye ointment. Also, I just don't sleep very well, and since I write/edit for a living, I've had sufficient time after work to chill out and then want to write again -just at weird times of the night.

Oh - and I was joking online today about using a Harry Potter spell to bring me Chipotle, and it actually worked. My amazing husband brought me a Burrito Bowl tonight (glorious!!!!) along with a truckload of PMS candy and Oreos. I think those might have actually been for himself, but he is hell-bent on taking me down with him, and at least it's a delicious way to go. Off to tend to my itch-face doggie.

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