Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Saw Red

Most people would never guess, but I'm a natural redhead. More strawberry blonde than red, but still pretty red. I've been a blonde for about 8 years and I'm thinking about going back towards my roots (literally). I had a hair consultation tonight with a new stylist since mine moved to San Francisco and I'm dying without her. Which is why my hair resembles Madonna in the 80's, but with red roots and not black.

Me now

Me in high school (on the left)

I'm thinking of just doing a mix of highlights and lowlights and gradually going a bit more natural. I think my hair color may be kind of like Isla Fisher's hair here:

Like this?

Or a little lighter?

As long as I don't look like this:

Suggestions? Brutal honesty is always appreciated.

I'm catching up on Dating in the Dark and it's just not as cool as I thought it was going to be. I am excited for More to Love, the larger-boned Bachelor show. I love guilty pleasure TV. I also just got all of the Sookie Stackhouse books from my MIL this weekend and some great reads from one of my friends at work, so I have a full reading list to look forward to! Now if I could just get a vacation...


  1. I think you would look great with red and some blonde highlights. I have a stylist here in SD that I think does great work with color. LMK if you want his contact info.

  2. I actually just dyed my hair back to a brown very close to my natural color yesterday--it had previously been blonde! Perhaps you should keep putting in a mixture of highlights so that your hair can grow out into its natural color without roots being obvious?

  3. I think the gradual low light concept is a really good idea. I'd be down for the ride and think it'd be a fun/bright new change. But I will say... you are one of the spiciest blondes I know. I'm just sayin.

  4. I daydream about becoming a redhead, but doubt I'll ever have the guts to do it!

  5. I love, love, love red hair. My dad is a natural redhead...go for it!

  6. Thanks for the support guys! I made a hair appointment for next Thursday, I think I'm going to go for it. Photos pending. Helena, would you mind sending me your stylist info? I'm trying Hyde Edward in Little Italy but if it doesn't work out I'm going to need someone new!

  7. I say go for it! Your hair always looked great in college when it was a little darker. Hey, at least you can go back blonde if you hate it. :)