Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gone With the DVD

I've been looking for the movie Gone With the Wind at Blockbuster for the past 2 months. I've never watched the whole thing and I've been determined to finally sit down on a night when I could get cozy and enjoy it and watch the movie. So I've been watching for the past 45 minutes and loving it but pretty confused when they all start out working in a cotton field and talking about boys I don't know (hey, the only one important to me is Clark Gable,) and for the life of me I didn't remember the story starting out like that. So I cheated and looked at the Wikipedia entry and neither the book nor the film looked like it started out how I was watching it. Then I realized what the matter was - I was watching the wrong side of the DVD. Fake blonde moment of the day!! I'm actually really sad that I didn't get to watch this the real way and get the whole experience, and I'm seriously so embarrassed that I watched a movie on the wrong side. I didn't realize long movies had different sides, I guess I just thought there would be a Disc1 and Disc 2 like most movies...

I would love a reason to wear a dress like this
Tomorrow is Opening Day at Del Mar and as much as I want to go (I have a media pass) I have so much work to do and I don't have an amazing hat to wear. I do have a large black one with feathers, but it's been so hot out that I think I'd pass out before the first race started. If I don't end up going I'll definitely find an excuse to head there during the season, big hat and all.
My fondness of hats:


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  1. Jon and I popped in the Amadeus dvd once and let it play for about 30 minutes before we realized that it was the second disc. It was all mysterious and there was only music, no dialogue, even though there were people and their mouths were moving. We were so confused... until we realized we not only had the wrong disc in but we also had the dvd on the "music only" commentary setting.