Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Buzz on Dorm Decor

It's almost back to school time, and that means dorm decor is in full force everywhere. I've been getting a ton of sorority recommendation requests lately, which means rush is impending and move-in time is coming soon. Everything I've seen out lately is so darn cute - I feel like I didn't have any options when I went to school!

Most of the things from my dorm room were from Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens and Things (RIP), and I know there are some good finds at Target and Macy's, but I came across Pottery Barn Teen and it had some of the cutest things I just had to share:

 Wake up call!
Perfect for jewelry or saving notes 
These phones used to exist, just not as cute! 
 Can't believe they make cute sheets in Twin XXL!

Canopies = ultimate princess palace 
Can't paint your room? Decals are easy to remove. 
How cute is this teacup lamp? 
Monograms: So you don't forget your name.
 Everyone needs a bulletin board.

I know I got a little carried away (I even deleted a few!) but I just thought these were great finds for a girl dorm/sorority room. Unfortunately, this site is also connected to Pottery Barn Kids/Babies, which has Halloween costumes up. Can I buy this now and put it away?

Don't mind the baby polar bear
My daughter, the cupcake

God, I can't wait to have kids who are embarrassed of me.


  1. I love dorm stuff! I get so jealous every year when it comes out and I always want to buy it, too. It's so much cooler now!

  2. I am SO jealous! They did NOT have this cute of stuff when I started school (and that was only 5 years ago)

  3. OMG I love you!!! I'm sending to my sister!!! I'm trying to buy/order everything for her room BEFORE we fly out to Texas so that I'm not all stressed out about not getting amazing things because everyother UT student got there before us. lol

  4. just came across your cute! i'm now following :) hope you check mine out too!


  5. When I lived in the dorms, I was all about decals! They are super easy to use, and they just give those dull rooms so much life!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! Can I just go back to college so I can re-decorate? I doubt my husband would be down for most of this!