Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Buzz on Bee Cakes

Williams Sonoma Bee Hive Cake
I should have bought this when it first came out. They even sold cute little candy bees to go along with it! Fortunately it's all over eBay, but I wish it was in my cabinet, just waiting to be used. Here are some other cute bee cakes and cupcakes. I'm going to take a cupcake decorating class in the next few weeks and will try one of these out:
Bee Cake

These ones aren't edible, but since I have a couple baby showers coming up I thought they were appropriate. I hadn't heard about diaper cakes until about a year ago, but think they're so cute as centerpieces for showers! Here's a few bee-related diaper cakes.

Busy Bees by Baby 2 B Nashville

You can choose the number of layers on these and they have a ton of other cute designs!
From Stork Baby Gift Baskets

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