Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boo to Bump Its - A Memoir

God only knows how long I've been wanting to try Bump Its after watching the infomercials. I'm a huge fan of big hair, and with my fine, straight hair it's impossible to get it big and keep it that way.
I was dying to open the packet at work and get some of my work friends to try them out with me in the bathroom, but didn't think it was the most appropriate thing to do. As soon as I got home I tore it open, teased my hair, and inserted. It was an utter disaster. I had a big plastic banana sticking out of my head and even if I wanted to get away with it the fact that I felt like I needed to walk around with a stack of books on my head so it didn't unsuspectingly fall out made me feel like an utter failure. How hard can it really be to stick a chunk of plastic in your head and make your hair look fab?

Oh hi plastic banana!

Below is my video after being totally disenchanted. After a few tries I was able to get the thing covered up and stuck in my head, but I'm totally scared to wear it on a night out. I can only imagine the thing flailing from my hair while I'm mid-conversation at a social networking mixer. The horror! At least going to Harry Potter at midnight last night made everything better.

(I am not one of those cool video how-to bloggers, so don't start getting excited. The look on my face says it all).


I'll try to take some better photos - I was convinced that if I took a video everyone would get a better shot of my head and how it looked. I didn't realize my complete lack of coordination would result in a less than stellar video. I apologize in advance for the frightened look on my face, my pasty whiteness, long red roots, lack of makeup and general awful taping. Once I get over my initial embarrassment I'll ask my husband to take a photo of me wearing them.


  1. You mean it's not worth my $10 at Target? Damn! I really really really wanted it to be AWESOME. And I was going to be wearing it all the time and be the cool with the awesome, retro bumped hair.

    Now I'm going to have to post about giving myself a DIY bumpit or something. Thank you for test driving it for me!

  2. Oh man you are too hilarious.

  3. eh, most guys prefer straight hair anyway

  4. i was super disappointed in bumpits too. they do not work for thin/fine hair. boo!!!! so now i'm researching a how-to hair bump without bumpits for fine hair. any suggestions are appreciated