Monday, July 13, 2009

Argyle Attire and Target Wishes

Never done this before but I love when other people put it up on their blogs so here it is - What I Wore (WIW?) Friday. I couldn't find the exact designers of my clothes/jewelry, but the looks is close enough.

Friday - Argyle

It was so hot down here all weekend (at least for me)! I have super fair skin and in secret, am a natural redhead, so I don't really fare well in the sun. Plus most places in San Diego don't have air conditioning, so I'm really looking forward to going into work today and enjoying some AC, even though it's almost always freezing there! I ran my Target to pick up an extra fan because they sell out so quickly and really had to practice all of the self-restraint I had to not get anything extra, even though all of their summer picnic accessories are so darn cute, and they had a cupcake tower and salt and pepper shakers I could imagine living in my kitchen. Oh Target, why must you do this to me??

Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers

Clambake Plates

Nantucket Dip and Spread Set
Watermelon Serving Bowl

I got my dresses in the mail this weekend, I am loving the white Lilly dress. The yellow one is really big on me, even for a size 4, so I'm considering re-selling. Mr. Bee said it would be a great dress "when I started showing," which I thought was adorable since I'm not pregnant. I was mostly hoping he didn't mean when I started showing all of the Mexican food I ate this weekend. :)

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