Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh Hi Amazing Future Baby Names

My husband's friend told us that we needed to claim our future kids names early so that we'd have them locked up before the rest of our friends get baby fever and want to birth things too.

Here's to our amazing future kids who I probably won't meet for quite a while:

Jackson Bee
Madeleine Grace Bee
Avery Bee

RIP Ashley Madison Bee, whose name belongs to a prominent adult affair website, dooming said negative child to certain stripperness.


  1. Very cute names! Your husband's friend is right; 'claiming' your baby names early ensures nobody can claim you stole theirs, and may help "protect" them from being used... at least among your closer friends! :-D

  2. Oh good! I don't mind if I have a blogger friend in Iowa who happens to also love the name Jackson and use it, but I think it'd be awkward to be with my best friends and our kids have matching names. Now I just have to hope that we don't have two boys, because I'm out of boys names. :)